Monday, June 11, 2012

Treat Toppers Freebie

Lately I've become quite obsessed with the auto shapes in Microsoft Word.  I'm always wondering what I can actually create with them.  I needed a cute "monkey topper" for some treat bags and couldn't find any I liked, so I started playing.  I'd like to say I'm creative enough to visualize something in my head and go from there, but I'm not!  So I began looking at monkey clipart and the auto shapes/lines available in Word.  A few hours  days later, I had a monkey.  So instead of being happy with my little monkey, what did I do?  I began thinking, "Shoot, if I can make a monkey, I can make something else too."  AND....I ended up with this crazy set of treat toppers.  You know what comes next, I had to go shopping for snacks to try them out!  I came home with $10.00 worth of Dollar tree snacks and started filling up baggies.  If only I had a camera to snap a pic of my husband as he walked through the dining room admiring staring at my array of snacks, baggies, paper animal cut outs, etc.  I didn't have the heart to tell him I was making a FREEBIE!  :-) 
I only hope you have as much fun with these as I had making them!  Hoping you can add them to your units, holiday stuff, back to school treats, or whatever!  Treat Toppers image will take you there to grab.  

Bananas for the Dollar Tree and a very patient husband,