Sunday, June 24, 2012

Down with corruption; Oh really ?

End corruption; a favourite slogan in India, especially in the recent past. Really ?? Beware , what you wish for.  If that really happened, it would profoundly alter life in India, as we know it. Are we actually ready for it ?

  • If we don't pay the bribe to get our driving license, we really have to learn driving to get one.  It is an absolute certainty that if the driving test were to be strictly administered, 90% of Indian drivers will fail
  • We have to really declare the right price of your house when registering the property. Is anybody ready for that ?
  • We probably have to vacate the house you live in - chances are that few of them meet statutory safety requirements. Fire safety - what's that ?
  • If we are "rich" we can't slip those crisp ones to witness/cop/judge and stay out of jail , every time we get up to mischief
  • If we are "poor" we can't accept the Rs 500 and one bottle of liquor at election time
  • We are  most likely evading tax. Even the salaried lot, who think that  taxes are deducted at source - are we really declaring the interest income on our savings bank account in our tax return ? That is , if we file a tax return.
  • We have to spoil our hairdo by wearing the helmet while riding the two wheeler. Slipping twenty bucks to the traffic "mama" won't do 
  • I know the concept of municipal/metro water is a joke, but the tankers of water our building society is buying is probably mostly illegal and much of the price that we pay actually is to grease some palms. 
  • Slum life is real tough and unfair, but we still cannot throw a piece of wire to the line and tap electricity. You see the Rs 150 being slipped each month to the linesman can't go on.
I can go on and on. Corruption, in India, is a story where its considered "smart" if you do it, but its a scam if anybody else does it.

So, do we REALLY want to  abolish corruption ??