Tuesday, June 5, 2012

To Do and Purchase Lists...

Hmmm, I have a massive "to do" list and "to purchase" list this summer.   How will I ever fit in all in?  On my "to do" list, I have everything from learn how to use my ipad, read 5 books I've downloaded, create 20 new TpT and TN items to put in store (Yes, I know that's a REALLY lofty goal), and replace some of my 'older' monkeys in my classroom with newer ones for my helpers board, lunch count, calendar, etc.  Somewhere in there I need to slide the following: take a vacation, visit some buddies back in Ky, and let's not even discuss what I want to accomplish in and around my house.  :-)
My "purchase" list (teacher related stuff) is also growing. (Hoping my husband doesn't read this blog post). But, I want a personal laminator, a "hear-all" assessment recorder, megaphone, a laptop and printer.  *Gee, this is starting to sound like a Christmas wish list.  The "Hear All" Assessment Recorder has been used by lots of teachers with great success.  They use them in small groups to record students reading and let students hear themselves read! They have also been used in literacy circles, where  students are reading by themselves.   Talk about a "behavior monitor" while the teacher is working with another group!!   If you have used this, please let me know what success you've had with it, or any reservations you have after purchasing! 

The megaphone is to replace my recess whistle and save my voice!  Our playground is quite large and I find myself blowing that whistle and yelling at the top of my lungs to get someone's attention.  One of my teammates purchased this and it's like her new best friend!  This one is only $14.99 at Amazon, so it's a DEFINITE! 

I'm looking into the Scotch laminator, too. Rumor has it they have them @ Walmart for $27.00.  I make so many things at home that I want to hurry up and protect.  The "laminator line" at school is long and we can't laminate our own stuff. :-(    (Although I HAVE seen some teachers blatantly break this rule)  lol    Me?  I'd be the one to use it, tear it up, and get caught.  

As for a laptop and printer, a girl can dream, right?  Perhaps if I hurry up and get those 20 units made, posted, and sold.....

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Bananas for checking things off my list as I get them done and SHOPPING!