Friday, June 22, 2012

300 Followers...WHAT? A Giveaway!

Okay, so technically I have 299 followers as of this morning, but hey, I teach rounding, so I'm calling it 300.  If we want to get technical, I can call my mom and ask her to follow me!  But, Wow...3 weeks ago I was having a giveaway for 100 followers!  I turned around (attended a few workshops, visited my family, hung out by the pool, and visited some colleges) and the next thing I know there are 300 of you hanging around. :-) I can't begin to tell you how happy I am you're here!  Hopefully you'll stick around for the next 300 too!  I plan to continue gabbing, sharing, and hopefully offering a little bit of something you can use in your classroom!  If you're late to the party, it's okay, but don't forget to visit the freebies page and make sure you're up to date...I've added 3 new freebies in the last 3 weeks!  (More to come!)
SO....I wanna do something fun.  I'm going to take it easy on you and avoid the 500 ways you can follow me.  ;-)   How about I get to hear more about you?!  YAY!   And... how about only 3 rules?
I mentioned I went to a workshop recently. The presenter made us choose what kind of SUIT we were (AS TEACHERS) in a deck of cards using the following rubric. 
SPADES:  Quiet, reflective, willing to change/bend, agreeable, and a follower
CLUBS:  organized, detail oriented, classroom management is your thing, planned all the time
HEARTS:  caring, loving, soft spoken, fun, share freely, go with the flow
DIAMONDS:  techno savvy, focused, driven, try new things, and love the newest strategies

So here are the rules to this simple giveaway!  
1.)  Be a follower of my blog (I really want someone who hangs out with me to WIN!)
2.)  Blog, Tweet, Pin, or FB about the giveaway so I can share with other teachers too!
3.)  Leave me a comment with which SUIT you most likely resemble and WHY in a deck of cards, using the indicators above.  (For you rebels and rule breakers  teachers who think you're more than one suit.... You can ONLY pick ONE....the ONE that BEST represents you!)  *I know, I know, I thought I was more than one too, but eventually  had to give in and pick ONE so you can too!  :-)     *Leave me your email too so I can send you your prize if you win!

That's it!  Ready for the prize?  It's a 300 follower celebration, so I'm going to stick to a "3" theme.  
$30.00 gift card to Amazon AND 3 things from my TpT and/or TN store!  I'll use Rafflecopter and select a winner on Thursday, June 28th @ midnight!
Ready? Set! ENTER!  

Bananas for 300 followers, shopping @ Amazon, and teachers who are NOT all one suit...we sure would be boring!
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