Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thank You

This is senti Sunday time. Off day from business, and so a different post.

Every blogger’s lifeline is that wonderful person who takes the trouble to read and comment. And I have been blessed by your kindness – by your warm words, by your sharing of an incisive thought, by your encouragement and by the many “aaawww” moments when your lovely comment touches me.

So want to say Thank You. Xie Xie. In an amateurish, but heartfelt way.

A wonderful couple these two are
Pip pip toodle oo; oh very British
From her, of blogging, I became aware
Thank you Preeti and Satish

A big fella, he sure is
All bravado, but in fact a softie
Those expert comments are all his
Thank you, the bloke called kiwi

From far away in the US of A
Months ago, he b’came my first “follower”
For all his wonderful words I say
Thank you le embrouille blogueur

A fellow business blogger is he
Extolling the virtues of Not Being Sarkari
A more helpul blogger, there cannot be
Thank you Sidhus, Adesh & Zoobie

Among a billion people, I found this man
Produces gems and then disappears for long
The picture of optimism; “yes we can”
Xie xie xiansheng Hang

The warmest blogger of all, even when impromptu
All rolled into one – mum, woman and wife
Who shows us the magic world of Chotu
Thank you A Journey called Life

Now, what can I say about this lassie
Pulling her leg, I shall now refrain
Makes my eyes often go misty
Thank you Oh So Thoughtful Train

His words, are music to my ears
Such a wonderful man is he
A dear friend for thirty or so years
Thank you Ravi, or dada to me

The naughty girl has vanished away
To trace her, shall we place some ads
There’s no Italian dude she doth say
Thank you, you cheeky Rads

And then I bump into this super guy
Foodie, artist, writer, a mind free
His words and thoughts, money can’t buy
Thank you Sir, oops sorry, Sri

A traveller – one among the few..
Lovely blog, but only a few posts, alas
For stopping by, a big thank you
Savitha, or should I say, Athivas

And to everybody else who does comment
Mahesh, Kotla, Aashish, Nan.., and all ye dear
Every word of yours is a fond present
Thank you for all the cheer