Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mush and business

Will they , or won’t they ? Get married that is. The very public match making process between K and C is as riveting as any soap on TV.

Readers of this blog would know that I’ve taken a fancy to mush in my old age. Especially since A Journey called Life and The Thoughtful Train have suggested that I better wear black than pink. This is another mushy post to prove that “macho men” can also mush !

K and C had gone out on a date about three weeks ago. K tried to hold C’s hand, but C pulled it back ; you see C is a “decent” girl and doesn’t hold hands on the first date. K , being an American, then wrote a long flowery love letter and then published it for the world to read. K said he was prepared to marry C and if C agreed and would pay C’s parents $16 bn as dowry. C was angered by the public announcement after just the first date. C promptly said NO and that she was prepared to die a spinster and would not marry K, especially with such a piddly dowry.

Despite C’s brave words that she wanted to remain alone, she knows that sooner or later she has to marry. And she’s very scared that if she left it too late, she’ll grow old and nobody will want to marry her. She especially has an eye for H or N. But both have problems. N is already married and C is not sure N will divorce his current wife to marry C (this is called in business parlance as anti trust problems). H is very pretty and rather feminine ; C knows that if they get married C can bully H. But the problem is that H doesn’t have much money to pay as dowry. And H’s parents are rather old fashioned.

K is playing a waiting game. He feels C has no other option but to marry him. C is scared that her parents will cut a deal with K and take the money. But there is a slight problem. K has not shown the money. He only says he will pay if C agrees. And K is keeping quiet, letting all the gossip do all the work for him.

C is furious. This is preventing her from doing her normal stuff – like going to the movies, eyeing other men, etc. Everywhere she goes, people are staring. She’s therefore gone to the village elders (called the British Takeover Panel) and asked them to instruct C to show the money or piss off. This the elders did yesterday – they told K that he has to show the money before Nov 9th.

Now C’s parents know that if K shows the announced $16bn, everybody will laugh at him. And K will lose so much face that no other girl will marry him. So they are hoping that he will bring much more dowry.

C is on the horns of a dilemma. She knows K will bring more money. And if she has to marry him in the end, she doesn’t want to get him really mad. So a week ago, she gave a sly wink and said that sometimes K can be cute (called in business parlance as "I can see the strategic fit"). C’s parents threw a fit. They gave C a bollocking for daring to appear like an indecent girl.

Now everybody is waiting for K to formally propose marriage. Will he go down on bended knees and pop the question. Or will he hire an aircraft and unfurl a banner in the sky announcing his undying love. And, more importantly, is he prepared to bring that posh house he has as dowry ?

Don’t miss the next episode, coming in two weeks time.