Thursday, September 17, 2009

Remember the dot com mania ....

Sure public memory is short; but that short ? Especially when it comes to your hard(ly) earned money ?

Twitter is raising funding at a valuation of $ 1bn. That’s right; ONE BILLION. How do you ascribe that sort of valuation to a company that hasn’t made a cent and that has no idea how to make a cent ?

This is exactly what happened during the dot com craze. Get the eyeballs. To hell with revenues, let alone profits. Mad valuations. And when an occasional guy like Warren Buffet said the emperor is wearing no clothes, he was written off as an old geezer who “doesn’t get it “.

Now has all this been forgotten ? One billion for Twitter. Did somebody say we are in the midst of a financial crisis ?

I am gobsmacked. Forget learning any economics or going to business school. Just stand on a street corner and punt like crazy. I am an old geezer and I “don’t get it”. For, you see, I don't tweet.