Saturday, July 4, 2009

More tag, tag, tag ......

A “wicked” girl called The Thoughtful Train tagged me with the ‘Fours tag”. She did it with an “evil laugh of delight” – someday I’ll get even with her ! To his eternal credit, le embrouille blogueuer saved me from this tag – someday I’ll pay him back for it !!

I took the poetic license to change the questions to something remotely connected to business. Here goes.

Four places I have lived in because my company told me to

1. Haldia, West Bengal, India – Of the “ban”, “Cholbe na”, wide open spaces, rosogolla, Rabindra sangeet
2. Village Dalshapur, District Etah, UP, India – Of the karanjas and paranjas, the gun, no power, no plumbing, cow sleeps with you
3. Bangalore, India – From heaven to an awful place. Deve Gowda has made sure this lovely city more resembles Dharavi now
4. Guangzhou China – Of the lovely slim girls, nice people, incomprehensible language, vegetarian nightmare

Four wonderful conference venues I’ve been to

1. Golden Palms, Bangalore India – Simply because we started something game changing there and had lots of fun doing it. Bumped into Sanjay Khan and asked who he was !
2. Bordeaux, France – Was charmed, even though I don’t drink wine. Forget the name of the Chateuax
3. Four Acres, outskirts of London, UK – virtually in London, but nicely “away from it all”.
4. Goa, India – Has to be.

Four interesting cities that I have been to on business

1. Casablanca , Morocco – Wildly evocative. Went searching for Rick’s.
2. Karachi, Pakistan – Oh, how much like India. Same people, same food, same look and feel – why did we go our separate ways ?
3. Greenville, South Carolina – Of all the places in the US. Still can’t understand why I came here, but I did
4. Sindri, Bihar, India – The only place on earth where the sole restaurant closes for lunch

Four places where I starve on travel, because I’m a veggie

1. Lagos, Nigeria – Hopeless, except if you go searching for an Indian restaurant
2. Anywhere in China – Hopeless, full stop
3. Jakarta, Indonesia – Eeks. Run to an Indian restaurant
4. Krakow, Poland – Not so bad as everybody speaks English and you can find something, but they believe grass is for cows

Four business websites that I visit daily

1. – Love the newspaper, hate the website, because they charge
2. – Same problem
3. - No problem
4. – Love the website because its free as I buy the magazine

Four places that I would rather keep going to on business

1. Durban, South Africa – a lovely city I am in love with
2. Adelaide, Australia – In my book, the prettiest “business place” in Australia
3. Singapore – Simply for the efficiency of everything
4. Zurich, Switzerland – In summer, gorgeous

Four businessy things I hope to do before time runs out

1. Have a million readers for my blog (Ha ha )
2. Teach a MBA class and a kindergarten class
3. Run a not for profit organisation
4. Run a world championship event in any sport

Four business books I can tolerate

1. Barbarians at the Gate – the story of the takeover of RJR Nabisco in the 80s
2. The History of Unilever - for obvious reasons
3. Dash
4. Dash

Four movies with completely awful scenes on business

1. Jab we Met – Gimmee a break
2. Disclosure – Awful
3. Corporate – Oh God
4. One Tamil serial I was forced to watch one espisode that made me gag and thankfully I’ve forgotten its name

Four people, I have no other choice but to tag

Any volunteers ?