Sunday, July 5, 2009

Even more tag, tag, tag ......

Reflections has tagged me with a picture tag. Now I must say a few words about this famous blogger. Everybody seems to know her. Everybody likes her. Everybody reads her blog. She’s an active commenter – her comments are invariably nice and large hearted. And everybody tags her on everything, simply because she’s so popular. See all the awards various people have given her on her blog.

Now I’m in trouble. A picture tag ? I don’t even own a camera – logic is I’d rather see straight through my eyes than through the view finder. And rather imprint on the heart than on the film. See, how you can justify anything !!

Its Sunday evening and an occasional break from business blogging is OK (another justification for not being able to do a business post on this tag !). And the thoughtful train says “business is not just in my blood; it IS my blood”. Boo Hoo - !!! So, nothing to do with business,

Posted without comment. You can guess who this is and in what setting……..