Friday, July 31, 2009

Is Microsoft ready for the next surge?

A guest post from my dear blogger friend Adesh. Adesh writes an excellent blog and is a passionate advocate of customer service. Seeing my blog dry up because I'm traveling and not online, he very kindly offered this guest post - a gesture that has truly touched me. Adesh - I really owe you one. Here is his post.

There was a statement few days’ back which I got my attention today. Prominent person who has done extremely well in his field made it. However, the statement showed that they are trying to change things and trying to make sure his organization do not lose race to others in this cutthroat competitive world.

Statement came from Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.

“It is a competitive business; it’s always been. There’s nothing really new about that. You can list our past competitors and those made for a lot of good news articles that Microsoft was on its last legs. We would not want to deny anyone the opportunity of denying those articles. Again and again and again.”

This statement does bring some kind of air of arrogance with it but at the same time makes it clear that Microsoft knows it cannot takes things lightly as competition is catching up with them fast.

Microsoft is struggling as its competitors are trying to change the rules of game and Microsoft has to play this new game according to rules established by its competitors.

Apple came out with blockbuster products like iPod and iPhone, which in turn also made people lapping up their Macs. Microsoft tried to counter them by launching Zune but it turned out to be a dud. Now Microsoft is trying hard to counter the attack posed by resurgent Apple. They are coming up with advertisements, which show that Apple laptops are costly than PC. But will this work; we have to wait to know the results.

Apple is not the only one who is threatening the dominance of Microsoft. Their other nemesis is Google. This Internet giant is putting its money on Internet based applications and challenging Microsoft’s business model, which is to have software and applications installed on PC. Only time will tell how robust Google’s new business model is but it surely has caught Microsoft off guard as it has agreed to give its Microsoft Office product free online.

With Yahoo! Search in Microsoft’s pocket, intentions of Microsoft are clear that it is ready for long haul. Good thing is that Bill Gates is not taking competition easy. Hopefully we will continue to see more innovation from company, which gave us Operating system and Office suite.