Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Traveller's Tales

Business travel can be just as amusing, interesting, scary, hilarious, as leisure travel. Having unfortunately travelled too much on business, I’ve accumulated a few traveller’s tales. Here are two of them.

1. There was this good British gentleman who was 6ft 6in tall and built of substantial proportions. He was a very senior director in a global company and had the air of the Lord of the World. He was as pompous, as pompous can be and spoke in a regal manner. This is what happened on one of the flights he took.

He walked in to the plane and took his seat (first class of course). The stewardess hurried to serve him champagne. After a few sips, the man presses the call button

Stew (coming running) – Yes, Sir, what can I get for you
He – Can I have a complaint form please ?
Stew (very flustered) – Sir, did we do anything wrong. Can I apologise. Can I get anything at all
He (in the most patrician voice) – May I have the complaint form please.
Stew runs away looking ashen and returns back with the “Cabin Services Director”
CSD – Sir, My colleague said you asked for the complaint form. I have it here, but Sir, could you tell me what is wrong
He – Nothing.
CSD – But you asked for the complaint form
He – Yes
CSD – But may I ask why sir ?
He – (In the most pompous of voices) I may need it during the flight !!

2. This happened a long long time ago – I can’t imagine it is possible in today’s world. There was this rather portly gentleman who was prone to forgetfulness and nodding off at the drop of a hat. He was a senior manager then and had travelled to Calcutta and was to return back to Bombay. He came to Calcutta airport to catch the Bombay flight, checked in, got his boarding card, boarded the plane and promptly dozed off. Two hours later, fasten seat belts, plane lands, the steps are brought, he deplanes, walks into the terminal, gets out, searches for his driver and can’t find him. As this was before the advent of mobile phones, all he can do is sit and wait. He waits, but no sign of the driver. Finally, he looks around and the place looks a little strange. For he has come to Delhi, when he should have gone to Bombay !!