Thursday, June 18, 2009


I’ve been the recipient of two tags – and it’s a sort of code of honour amongst bloggers that you pick up the tag. So today and tomorrow are tag honouring days.

The Thoughtful Train, a lovely blogger and a poet rolled into one, has tagged me on 10 things that send me “boiling crazy”. Well, lots of things send me boiling crazy, but since this is a business blog, I’ll list down 10 things at the workplace that I get pissed about.

1. Answering phones, reading e mails and cross talking in meetings. For God’s sake why come to a meeting to do other things.

2. Coming late for appointments or meetings and not apologising. Yeah, don’t care one bit about anybody else’s time.

3. Listening to a presentation and asking all sorts of questions on Slide 1. Hello – can you let the poor guy say his bit please.

4. Having 74 slides for a 10 minute presentation. And having the last slide that says “Thank You”.

5. Pulling rank. Especially on people 5 rungs below.

6. Talking bullshit. Lying, giving “economical with the truth” information to make one look as if one is doing great.

7. Not wearing a helmet / seatbelt, when commuting to work. I despair of such guys who don’t value their own lives.

8. Fudging expense statements. Instant dismissal can be the only sane response.

9. Yelling at someone . Can it be done privately and without raising of voices please.

10. Gossip mongering and rumour spreading – especially about who’s promoted, who’s quit and how much raise did the other guy get.

I ain’t tagging anybody, but if any of the readers want to pick this up, consider yourself tagged !!