Friday, June 12, 2009

Astronomical Pay

How would you like a job offer somewhat like this

- guaranteed 5 year contract – you cannot be sacked

- first year wages $ 15.5 m, or $ 43000 every day

- automatic wage increases every year so that the fifth year wages is tripled at $ 48m. That’s a pay hike of 25% per year

- all these wages are irrespective of performance. Doesn’t matter at all how you perform

- you really have to work only 100 days in a year. The real work is only for 90 minutes in those days – but add and subtract getting ready for work, maybe 4 hours

- you are allowed to make money on the side. And the money you make on the side is going to be a multiple of your wages. So much so, that your wages is actually small change. That’s why its called wages; not salary !

- your cost to your company is $ 60m a year

- the government is very kindly helping you out by having a special tax rate of 25% to give you an incentive to come

- your employer is supposed to be a “non profit social trust”

And there is a not a pipsqueak in public outrage. No moralizing on fat cat parasites in the midst of the toiling masses. No sermon from pompous politicians. No “Pay Czar” to examine this package.

Welcome Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid.