Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrations Worth Investigating

I WISH I was celebrating a Lacrosse season round 2 playoff win, but sadly my son's team lost.  :-(  But I am celebrating the amazing season they had!  Being ranked #4 in the state wasn't so bad!!  He's a junior, so he has a lot more to look forward to next year!

You should be out celebrating with some blogger buddies of mine who have some great things going on.  Check out A Teacher's Treasure where Mor is giving away 35 items....YEP 35!  I'm happy to announce one of those items is mine!  I donated my Accelerating into Analogies unit, which helps students understand what they are and how to solve them!
So be sure to SWING on over to her blog & ENTER her 1,000 follower celebration!

Ready to celebrate the end of the school year?  Be sure to check out Tessa's "Tales from Outside the Classroom" blog, where she has linked 50 some units/lesson plans for the END of the YEAR.  There are a variety of activities (some free, some paid items) for your students to do the last few days or weeks of school!  I linked up to that party too, with my freebie end of the year memory book called "Bunches of Fun in ___Grade"

Finally, I'm also about to celebrate with a NEW BLOG design.  (YAY!)  I can't wait...Stay tuned for the amazing makeover that will take place soon!

Bananas for events worth celebrating,