Sunday, May 27, 2012


YAY! HOORAY! and WOOHOOO!  I had 99 followers when I went to the movies tonight with 13 members of my family (we almost took up a whole row) and when I got home I was at 101!  Ya'll are so fast, I didn't even get to physically see it at 100!  :-)  It's all good!  I am so excited that I've reached this goal!  I am not able to accurately express my gratitude for you "hanging in there" with me through this adventure.  I've gained a wealth of knowledge (still learning) and some cherished friendships along the way!   I remember my very first follower, Kimberly over at Love of Teaching (She's still HERE!)
I was trying to think of something really cool with the number 100.  I'd love to give away 100 items in my store, but ummmm.....I don't have 100 (yet)! about 10?  Yep, 10 items for 2 separate winners and YOU get to choose ANY 10 items from either my TpT or TN store.  There are multiple ways to enter so you pick and choose how many times you'd like to!  Giveaway entries will be accepted from now thru June 10th!  Rafflecopter will be used to enter and select the winners!  GOOD LUCK to ALL and THANK YOU again.   Don't forget to leave me an email address where I can send the products!

Bananas for my faithful followers and friends!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway