Saturday, April 21, 2012

S.P.O.R.T. day & a SALE on TN! :-)

Well, I survived, (ahem) I mean WE survived S.P.O.R.T (Students Preparing Outrageously for TESTING) day on Friday. Call us crazy, but my teammates and I decided to review for testing in a FUN way!  8-9 year olds get a little uptight over their first BIG state mandated test, so we thought this approach might be a good strategy.  (Ask me after results come in if I'll do it again! lol)  Check out the photos below:  Students (and teachers) arrived wearing their best sporting event attire (jerseys, uniforms, headbands, ponytails, etc.)  We stretched and warmed up with a little "YMCA" action. 
Our games included a few games/activities from my TpT and TN store.  (Bullseye, Corners Game, Road Runner, and Match!)  Then we moved to the outdoor activities, including a balloon pop relay where students had to run to a chair, sit on and pop their balloon to get their review question, answer it correctly, and return to tag the next student!  *A favorite of all!  Students also had to give up one of their shoes for a shoe relay, where the teachers stuffed their shoe with a review question.  Students had to race to retrieve their shoe AND answer their question before returning to tag the next student.  Finally, we concluded with a beach ball toss.  The beach balls had different subject matters written on them.  Students took turns catching the ball and we'd ask questions from the different subject matters.  

I TOTALLY needed a nap afterwards, but my students will never forget how they prepared for this test!  * Email me if you need a list of activities, parent letter, ideas, etc.  It was a BLAST!   
Photobucket    In closing today, I'm excited about my TN "Countdown to Summer" sale running from April 22-27th, with some items up to 50% off!   Link @ right on my TN link.  :-)