Sunday, April 29, 2012


I love to do Novel Studies with my 3rd graders!   My kids seem to enjoy Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing the most.  They simply love humorous fiction.  They identify most with the 4th grader in the story, whose annoying little brother stirs up more trouble than one can imagine.  I, on the other hand, identify with the parent, who at his wits end with the younger sibling's misbehavior with food says, "Eat it or wear it." lol  
  I'm starting a new novel study this week on Indian in the Cupboard.  It's a far more challenging book for my soon to be 4th graders, but they truly enjoy it, and almost inevitably dive in to the sequel over the summer! Nothing makes me prouder when they come back in the fall with their comments about Return of the Indian.  I'm always looking for ways to create something fun for the kids to put together while doing their novel study.  This year  I was successful with a paper bag book (used with Chocolate Touch), a novel study house foldable (used with Stone Fox), a fish bowl foldable for Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and will be using my latest "cupboard creation" for Indian in the Cupboard.  What are some cool things you do to implement novel studies or literature circles?  I'd love to hear about them.  I know there are some other GREAT ideas out there! :-)  PLEASE SHARE!  

Have a great week!