Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Giveaway Winner & a New Job!

Yep, that says NEW JOB in the title.  After 22 years of teaching kids, I decided to step out of the classroom and embark on a brand new adventure.  I'm a new Literacy Coach in my district.  I'm SOOO excited that I will be spreading my wings a little bit and have the privilege of working with teachers, as well as some students.  I will give you the play by play, though, as I stepped into my classroom for the first time after being hired.  I looked at all my MONKEY STUFF everywhere and just started bawling like a baby!  At first I thought it was because I didn't even know where to begin trying to pack up 22 years of teaching, but it quickly became evident that it was the thought of NOT being in my classroom with my other little monkeys that really hit hard.  I picked myself up off the floor and began stuffing boxes full of memories.  It took awhile, but after packing my last monkey, I finally found myself excited about my new job, especially when I learned that I'd get to STAY in the same school.  I work with some amazing people and count my blessings each day that I get to work with such professionals.  Besides, I'm thinking my new office space will look cute with a few monkeys!  

THE WINNER, THE WINNER!  We have a winner in my 500+ follower giveaway!  CONGRATULATIONS to: Jennifer Knopf       
She's got some serious shopping to do!  :-)  Have fun, Jennifer!  

THANK YOU ALL for entering, sharing about your summer, and HANGING with me this long!  

Bananas for change that is sometimes a good thing,