Monday, July 9, 2012

Story Game Board Freebie

Well, I've returned from my RELAXING, FABULOUS, CAREFREE beach trip...Only to come home to my refrigerator not working. UGGGH! Seriously? Reality check and quick reminder that my days as a beach bum are over! Not all is a total loss...When your refrigerator is out, you have no food to cook, therefore you get to go out to eat and don't have to cook! (insert evil laugh here)

So....who caught that I just TOTALLY skipped over my Spotlight Saturday feature last Saturday?  Yeah, sorry about that.  (Beach bum mode totally took over that day!)  Thought I'd make it up to you by throwing out another freebie.  I took an excerpt from my Genres Bundle unit.  It's a cute activity you can do with any story you read.  It involves students creating a game board that matches the theme and story elements of a book/story they've read.  It's a great way to allow students to be creative and still practice some essential reading skills.  My students LOVED actually playing their game boards once they were done creating them!  (Check out some of their creations!)
Easy to put in a center, use as a cooperative group/pair activity, or even use as a form of assessment.  (Add a rubric to it that holds them accountable for adding characters, setting, problem, solution, plot, etc.)  An optional idea:  If you teach 3rd grade or older, you could have students create a board that they can take down to a younger grade level and play with them...especially if it's a story they're familiar with.  (Like the fairy tale game boards my students made in photos)  

You can grab the FREEBIE by clicking the image at right.  

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  When do you go back to school?  Are you mostly relaxing or planning?  

Bananas for my week at the beach. Not so bananas for a broken refrigerator.