Saturday, February 6, 2010

From rookie to sophomore

Exactly a year ago a “young” man, I know, made his first blog post – not knowing where it will lead him to, but start, he did. He was, and is, an oddity – in a media which is inhabited by young people, for he is, let us say, skewing the age profile. Today he sheds the rookie tag and becomes a sophomore.

But why blog ? Some do it because its the “in” thing to do. Some do because they have an opinion and want to express it. Some do because they love to write. Some do because they want to connect up with other people. A little of each of this was behind his attempt to write. But it was also for him, a way to read more – for to write, you have to read.

How has a full year of blogging been, I asked ? A wonderful experience, he says. For he has met some incredible people, who he has never seen in real life , but have become close friends. If you had asked him sometime ago as to whether this was possible, he would have looked at you as if you are a little weird – why would you want to trawl the virtual world for friends when you can make them in the real world. But then, he doesn’t say such things these days.

A big bonus , he says, was connecting up with some friends who he had lost touch for quite a while. The online medium does this to people – you can stumble upon long lost friends. And make deeper friendships with people you were only occasionally in touch.

How popular is his blog ?, I asked. He says, he really does not know. Yeah, he does look at the stats once in a while, but he says, like every other blogger, what is most heartening is when he receives a comment. Somebody has taken the trouble to read and then write a comment. No amount of thanks and appreciation, he says, will be adequate for those who comment.

Has he had any regrets ? , I asked. Yes, he says. He is a trifle saddened by bloggers he loved to read and followed, but who sort of dropped off. This is, alas, all too frequent. He is particularly saddened that this blogger, this blogger, and this blogger have gone cold. But he was beside himself with joy when this blogger who toyed with dropping out, came back. Especially since she even remembered that his blog was getting to be a year old and wished him well. He understands that it is tough to remain a blogger and blog actively – its clearly not for everybody. When it stops becoming fun and starts to become a chore, you know its time to get out. But still, every time a nice blogger opts out, it’s a sad moment.

What are you going to do on your birthday as a blogger ?, I asked. He says he gets the best treat he could hope for. He’s going to meet two of his most favourite blogging friends, who he has never met before. Now, how wonderful can that be.

He’s a fairly decent bloke. If you wish to read his blog, you can do so here.

PS – He got a delightful surprise – One of his favourite bloggers whose disappearance, he moaned about, came back here, much to his unbridled delight.

PPS – This blog takes a rest from blah blah on business on Sundays. Has something non businessy instead. The ponderings on job creation will continue next week !