Saturday, August 29, 2009

You can occsionally recycle a post

Yes, I know, it’s the blogger’s equivalent of kicking the dog. But you aren’t human if you don’t do it once in a bluemoon.

Not so long ago, when my blog had a readership of 1 (myself), I wrote, or I should say more accurately I copied, my first weekender “non businessy” piece. I was reminded of it when reading a very nice post by The Thoughtful Train on Solomon Asch’s experiments on Conformity. I am no psychologist, but this came to mind on reading her post. And I am much flattered by a very kind and large hearted blogger friend A Journey called Life who is egging me on to do “non businessy” stuff.

So please forgive me. It’s a lazy Sunday morning. The moon is blue today. Here’s an old piece titled The Violonist at the Metro.