Saturday, May 23, 2009

China and India

It had to happen. An Indian living in China, cannot but compare these two great countries. So I am going to post for the next 10 days “Five things India can learn from China” and “Five things China can learn from India”. Purely in a business context.

It has to come with lots of statutory warnings. While I know India very well, I can hardly claim to know China. I’ve worked only in one city Guangzhou – China is as diverse as India and you just can’t generalize from a single place. And in any case all generalisations are suspect. I haven’t travelled well enough in China to even reasonably understand this fascinating country. But still, this blog is a personal perspective and I could be as much right as wrong ! So I’m plunging on.

I don’t mean to rub either my Chinese friends or my Indian friends, the wrong way. Take it for what it is – my perspective and view. And feel free to disagree !

I start tomorrow with the first of what India can learn from China.